Clinic: ROSE helped to open a clinic housed in the best facility on Roatan. The building was sitting empty because it couldn’t afford to pay the electric bill ($.45/kwh). Boxes of used shoes were flown in for the teens to sell as a community service project. After several months and several hundreds of shoes sold, the electricity bills were paid, a doctor, nurse, and staff hired and the clinic opened. When situations arose that needed an EKG machine, an O2 concentrator, x- ray machine, office equipment, refrigerated medicines, test kits, exam gloves, we were able to find and purchase the items to hand-deliver. Other deliveries included orthopedic supports, wheelchairs, walkers, etc., saving and helping lives.

Community Health: ROSE has been helping the community health programs delivering liquid protein drinks for those too weak or sick to eat, adult diapers, breast cancer awareness materials, sex education information, prenatal care classes, diabetes awareness and treatment.

Sports Programs: Rose found some of the donated shoes happened to be cleats, so a fútbol club was organized that required players to be in school and in good standing with teacher, minister and parents to be eligible. For the first time, the teams were recognized by mainland Honduras and invited to tournaments where scouts saw the players’ talent. Four of the 15-year old boys were offered sponsorship – their future training and equipment paid for in hopes they would play on the national team. One boy is now playing professional soccer in Honduras. It has given the boys hope, an incentive to do well and a way “off the island”.

Clean Water: A clean water system was successfully installed in an island community recently, drastically reducing disease in the area. The men who installed the system can now bring their expertise to other communities. But they need  funds for the equipment and supplies. ROSE helps spread the word to get community support.

Schools: ROSE strengthens the classroom experience by providing books, uniforms and school supplies for students.

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