Who We Are

ROSE is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to helping the less fortunate of Honduras. The Honduran foundations, charities, and projects ROSE supports are well-managed and display wisdom, honesty and inclusiveness in their staff and their programs. Your contributions, combined with our efforts, work to improve the lives of Roatan’s people.


ROSE began many years ago when I was flying daily commercial flights into Honduras. Passengers often included missionaries and medical teams who volunteered their time and service to the country’s poor population. I made friends with people on the island of Roatán who were doing their part to help the impoverished people by creating and supporting clinics, schools, sports programs and an animal shelter. After witnessing the desperate need there I began bringing supplies in on my flights, during my days off, and while on vacation. I also invited friends and family to come help.

After my retirement from the airlines I continued to use my travel privileges to deliver equipment and supplies, for I knew it was by far the cheapest way to transport the essential products needed by these foundations. I soon realized that the formation of a nonprofit organization was needed. By collecting funds and supplies, the work we were doing would be even more effective and far-reaching. It would also provide a means for more people to experience the wonderful feeling of giving and helping others. My personal involvement and hands-on approach coupled with my knowledge of the Honduran organizations’ heart-felt desire to help others guarantees that all contributions will be used as intended.

Please help now.

Captain Lynn Rippelmeyer

Board of Directors

Capt. Lynn Rippelmeyer
Ruthlynn Black
Yvonne Denbina
Judy Bunch
Marci Clark
Mary Chimarusti
Hallie Moore